A Hard Sample Riddle
from Riddles & Riches

...The final formula stared me in the face!
I had accidentally spilled the extra 0.15469 cc's into the 1.0 I had so carefully prepared!
Too much I cried!
I was halfway through pouring it out when I froze! Eureka!
There they were! The outer forms!
A complete transformation of matter!
I immediately placed them out of harm's way yet keeping them on display for all to see!

Your task is to consider the riddle then search through the three rooms pictured below to find the object that it describes. Three hints are provided to help you on your way. Can you solve the riddle without peeking at the hints?

Hint 1Hint 2Hint 3
The Game RoomThe CellarThe Attic

The Solution to the Riddle

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