The Sensation/Inside Pitch
Christmas Quiz.

Right. I think this should fly despite the flu which is still making my head feel like a piece of cotton wool. This is my first effort to do anything along these lines but I normally enjoy entering them so I hope you all have a go. The first prize is a £5 Sub to Sensation plus a copy of the excellent Baseball Access book and there are two runner up prizes of £3 subs. Deadline is a week before the Sensation general deadline and answers will appear next time.




What are the nicknames of the following sports personalities:


Mental Age 8 Department.



Game Components.

Questions 91-100 are linked to the parts below. Simply identify the games that the parts come from. My only worry is whether the reproduction comes out, if it doesn't I'll probably just ignore this section.

Good Luck. Mike Siggins. 26/12/88.

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