Europa 2000

Late News. Georg Frynas of Bahnhofstr. 42, D4980 Bunde, West Germany has circulated the first issue of Europa 2000, a magazine with a novel idea -it is dual language (German and English). Georg has some grand ideas regarding European unity and the European hobby and aims to print news and game reports in both languages to make it easy for readers to pick up German. The idea was, I think, suggested by Alan Parr and it is a good one. Georg is offering postal United, Metropolis, Schoko & Co, The Golden Strider and Kendo (no, not the martial art) and looks like a good place to play these games. As an obvious European counterpoint to Sumo, I will be trading with Europa and probably exchanging articles in the future. Well worth a look.

Sumo - Mike Siggins