OK, so this issue is a little late. What I had intended was an immediate post-Essen special to cover the releases at that very enjoyable event. What happened was the loss of the rest of '89 through work, illness and wisdom teeth extraction (all four, and yes, it did hurt). Additionally, my Games International commitments always seemed to need attention whenever I sat down to do Sumo. Four months has gone very quickly.

Another factor unwittingly delaying this proper first issue has been the uncertain future of Ellis Simpson's Sensation, where I have been running my Inside Pitch subzine for some while. Sensation has now sadly folded and although this isn't really the place to trot out the cliches, it will be missed. This event initially took the wind out of my sails, only to later turn into added enthusiasm for Sumo. This is because I feel that I should carry on with Inside Pitch, which many of you saw and at least a few of you read, as a tribute to Ellis and as somewhere to put all those weird topics I like to write about. What I have decided as a result is to incorporate a much reduced Inside Pitch into Sumo to cover all the waffle, sports related chat and non-European games. This you can freely ignore should you wish as it will be a separate section. I think I also want to do a small occasional section on game collecting for all the cellophane rippers out there. This should have at least four readers and the rest of you can skip it. Just look at Sumo as the Channel 4 of newsletters, catering to the minorities within a minority.

So, the new look Sumo shapes up as follows:

I am pleased to say that the response to the pilot issue has been very good, despite my failing to state a firm issue price. I already have around ten subscribers (including half a dozen from Europe) and, thanks to Alan Parr and the Electric Monk team, two trades. I will be printing around a hundred copies this time (eighty of issue one went somewhere) to circulate in the hope of encouraging more subs and hopefully I will convince the relevant shops to take a few.

I am targetting a bi-monthly/quarterly frequency for Sumo but this will depend on available material and time; if there is a lot to cover, issues will appear more frequently and vice versa. Special thanks this time to Stuart Dagger and Mike Clifford for the timely and entertaining articles, which of course are always welcome. That's it. Hope you enjoy this first full issue and I look forward to any comments.

Special Request: If anyone knows the identity of the gamer at Midcon who was showing his 'Fertile Crescent'/Middle East Britannia variant, would they please let me know who it was? I am keen to see the game, the Middle Earth variant (Graham Staplehurst?) and any other Britannia or 18xx variants that may be out there. Thanks.

Mike Siggins 17/4/90.

Sumo - Mike Siggins