Rules Bank Update

After the pilot issue announcement there was an initial flurry of rules into the bank which helped clear some of the backlog but Essen and Nuremburg have ensured that the number of translations wanted has grown considerably. There were also several requests which were filled where possible. The remaining wants have gone onto the list. Let's hope we get another rush of enthusiasm and effort this time and fill a few more requirements. The response so far has been good but I am hoping for more.

A big setback has been the response of Eamon Bloomfield who I had hoped would help out with his massive stock of rules, mainly translated by himself and his games group. Eamon said he didn't feel he could supply any rules for fear of them being sold commercially with imported games. Eamon has had his fingers burnt before now by an unnamed member of the hobby and doesn't wish to repeat the experience. This is sad, but perfectly understandable, and I hope that my assurances that this would definitely not happen may lead him to reconsider.

On the upside, John Webley has offered to translate a set of rules for each issue of Sumo I send him. This is an extremely generous offer as John is fluent in German having moved his dental practice there recently. His Mare Mediterraneum rules are among the best translations I have seen so this a real godsend. I guess I'd better get my finger out and produce some issues.

Thanks are due to the depositors: Messrs. Arnold, Bass, Green, Moon, Palmer, Parr, Ruck, Tigges, Vasey, Walker, Webley and Woodhouse. What a rogue's gallery. Apologies to anyone I've forgotten. It's been a long time. Thanks also to Brian Walker for running the GI adverts.

Withdrawals by Messrs. Arnold, Moon, Frynas, Green, Siggins (!) and Walker.

The Blurb

The idea behind the rules bank is to provide, for the cost of an SAE, photocopied English rules to anyone who needs a set. I figure that if there is a central resource to store and distribute rules (me) it will be useful to people like myself who actually want to play these games. Needless to say, I will also benefit from the service by getting access to the rules I need.

Basically, I hope to obtain rules for most of the games currently available in the UK plus some of the rarer ones. If I haven't got the set you are after, and there are many that I don't even have listed, I will do my best to track down a set for you. If all else fails, I will add your request to the list for the next issue. There is no reason that this shouldn't also apply to old English game rules that you may be missing (Subbuteo Angling or Regatta anyone?)

If anyone feels able to do short translations from German or French (they are often just a page or two), please let me know so that I can co-ordinate efforts. I don't expect a massive surge of support here, it must be said.

Corny as it sounds, this venture is mainly dependent on the readers. So, if you have any of the English rules on the list, please send them to me as soon as possible and let me know if you need any rules copied. Simply tell me the title and publisher of the game, enclose an SAE and I will see what I can do. As long as I have the set, and I'm not away from a photocopier, you should get them back within the week.

Sumo - Mike Siggins