Sumo Issue 10/11

Thanks to everyone who made an effort to recruit some new readers. As a result, I have about forty new subscribers, plus about the same again from Essen. Although I have also lost a fair number this time who haven't resubscribed, the inflow has helped matters. I'll keep the printing and price rise under review for at least another issue. This edition, because of the reasons below and a desire not to make a big loss, is a double issue and will cost you £2. If you don't feel this is good value, please let me know and I'll recredit your account. Otherwise, god bless you sir.

As you will already have spotted, this is the first Sumo printed on the PC/Laserjet combination and although I am sure it can do all sorts of whizzo stuff, I don't yet feel confident to try and use them without risking visual embarrassment. Frankly, I haven't had the time to do the subject justice anyway and am still looking for a decent book on layout. Recommendations welcome. To add to that, I'm still waiting on the 600dpi drivers for the Laserjet. So all I have done this issue is to print off in much the same way as before, plus a few headings and italics. Whether the future holds anything more exciting I don't know, but at the moment my main concern remains with the content rather than the appearance. While I know visual impact is important, I am wary of spending as much time on layout as I do on the writing, so what you are likely to see is a gradual transformation over the next few issues. However, localised outbursts of Fontmania are still possible or even likely. Please bear with me and shout if you can't read anything.

Not that one should talk about it in polite company, but work is a pain in the bum at present. Very long hours, major hassle and a real feeling that it might come to nothing is not a pleasant situation to be in, especially when it goes on for weeks on end. Losing the ability to conduct a normal social life is the worst part; I have let so many people down it is untrue and this aspect has really got to me. I have always said that I wouldn't let work get in the way of outside life, but of course when it comes to the crunch there is no alternative short of walking out. And as much as I would like to commit an extra ten hours a day to Sumo and gaming projects, it doesn't make much money, all things considered. And that, O patient ones, is why this Sumo has been compiled in snatches of 'free' time, might be a little flat in places and why your letters were not answered for about twelve weeks in some cases. My apologies to you all, but that's the way it is.

Definitely Not a Fold Warning The above work pressures are quite likely to continue and I have no way of knowing the timescale involved. This almost certainly means a delayed Sumo next time, but if you keep the letters and articles coming, I'll see what I can put together. As of now, until work pans out, Sumo is officially irregular in frequency and size. As ever, sub refunds are available on request. Also, the Rules Bank is suspended for the time being, though I would very much like contributions to continue as usual. Any requests received in the next couple of weeks and existing requests have been or will be honoured as soon as I have the time. All this should be short term, but something has to give. Sorry.

On to the review of Elfenroads.

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