Stalingrad Pocket

The Gamers Inc, £15
Plugged by Mike Clifford

A noble addition to Dean Essig's flourishing outfit, SP is a simple (but not simplistic) simulation of the German attempt to breach the Russian stranglehold in the inhospitable territory of the Soviet Union.

The 400+ die cut counters are elegantly detailed, the map clear and apparently error free, whilst the rule books (series and game) have never been bettered. Those who avoid wargames (complex, fiddly, turgid, length) might find themselves instantly converted by this simulation.

I am not particularly well qualified to bring you a qualitative review of SP, but I would urge you to seek out Ellis Simpson's comments in his The Letter (sae, 4 Langtree Avenue, Whitecraigs, Glasgow G46 7LW).

mike clifford

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