Railway Rivals: The History

As Rostherne Games possibly winds down to a close, it seemed like a good moment to re-cap the publishing history of David Watts' first and finest creation, Railway Rivals. I have asked David to list all the official maps produced for the game, along with details of its various incarnations. Looks like a job for the WordPerfect Table feature to me...

CodeNotes Title Hex 1/2 P1 P3 Lam Brd
A- S Wales Coalfield (A)WE*(A)- - -
B- London & Liverpool (B)B (B) - BB
C- Western USA (C)- (C) (C) (C) C
D- N York & Chicago (D)YC* (D)- - -
E- Atlantic & Lake Erie (E)- - EE-
F- S Scotland (F)SS* (F)- - -
G- C Scotland (G)CS* - (G) (G)-
H- Western Canada (H)- - - - -
I- Ireland (I)- (I) I I I
J- Mersey & Humber (J)- J- J-
K1 London & SE (K)LE* (K) - (K)-
L- France (L)- (L) FR* FR*-
M- London & Midlands (M)- - MM-
N- New England (N)NE* (N) - (N)-
O- S Wales (O)- (O)- - -
P1 Alpine Passes (P)- - - - -
BA- Bavaria - BA- - - BA
BN- Benelux - BN- - - -
BX2 Belgium & Lux - (BX) - - - (BX)
CH1 China (CH)CH - (CH) CH-
FB- France & Benelux - - - - - (FB
FR- France - - - FR FR-
EU- Eastern USA - EU - - - (EU)
GY- Germany - - (GY)- - GY
IN- India - - - IN IN
KT- Kentucky-Tennessee - KT- - - KT
LW1 London & Western - - - LW LW
NI- North Italy - NI- - - NI
NL2 Netherlands - (NL) - - - (NL)
OS- Austria - OS- - - OS
RE- Russia in Europe - RE - - - RE
SI- South Italy - SI - - - SI
SP- Spain - (SP) - SP SP-
SV1 S Sweden - (SV) - SV SV (SV)
SZ- Switzerland - SZ - - - SZ


Hex: Original hexsheet edition - 4 to 6 sheets coloured by the customer.
1/2: halfsize (A3) paper map - mostly trial maps.
P1: Paper map, printed in one colour - also hand coloured and laminated.
P3: Paper map printed in 3 or 4 colours.
Lam: Printed in 3 or 4 colours - laminated by printer.
Brd: Double-sided board produced by Schmidt, Laurin (Queen) or Games Workshop.

Key to Notes

1: Amended from original design by someone else.
2: Amended by someone else from my design.
( ): No longer available.
*: Redesigned - new key letter.

Note that where 1/2 size maps are indicated, there are usually at least two versions. B and CH are photocopied, reduced from previous P3 maps. If two or more formats are listed, they are not always identical. eg NI & SI - the two versions are almost identical. OS & SZ - very different. SV - three different versions. C - three versions with slight differences.

Licensed Sets

ButehornDampfross1979-82Maps B,D,GY
SchmidtDampfross 11984-91Maps GY,C,EU,FB.Game of the Year in Germany, 1984. (Early version, with unplayable maps, was withdrawn after about 1,500 sales - recognisable by grey hills.)
Dampfross 21986-90Maps NI,SI,SZ,OS.
SelectaTussen de Railsc 1986Maps NL,GY,BX,C.Netherlands version of Dampfross 1, produced by Schmidt for Selecta.
AlgaRailc 1986-9Map SV replaces EU. Swedish version of Dampfross 1, produced by Schmidt for Alga.
Games WorkshopRailway Rivals1985-90Maps B,C.Now available from Rostherne with replacements for missing components.
LaurinDampfross1992Maps KT,BA,I,RE.Issued by Laurin in 1993, licence taken over by Queen 1993. Production continues.

Sales of Licensed Boxed Sets

Dampfross 1300,000
Dampfross 250,000
Laurin* 5,000

* to date as of 1994

Half Size A3 Maps (Not available in other formats)

Britain USA Europe Others
(WC)W Cumberland CNCalifornia & Nevada BNBenelux ALSE Australia
IMI of Man COChesapeake & Ohio BUBulgariaIRIran
(IW)I of Wight CRCarolinas BWBaden-Wurtemburg
(LD)Lake District DXSE USA (Dixie) CYCyprus
(NP)N Pennines EUEastern USA HUHungary
NONorth England GAGeorgia RORomania
(SC)Scotland ILIllinois SDSardinia
SSS Scotland IOIowa SLSicily
(CS)C&S Scotland (IX)Iowa Townships (YU)Yugoslavia
CSCentral Scotland NENew England
CTChilterns NYNew York State
TTTyne Tees OHOhio
WES Wales Coalfield E PAPennsylvania
PNPacific NW
TXTexas (in OK & NM)
YCNew York & Chicago

Four further maps will be available, late March 1994, which were used in the Great RR Tournament in Brunswick, March 12-13 1994.

Other Maps

An unknown number - Probably at least 300 - have been devised by other people. The best known is Middle Earth.

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