Having run that through the program, I find that it comes to 44 pages minus a smidgeon, so that is it for this issue. The next interesting bit comes when I find out how a commercial printer copes with the rather light font that is the default one for this package. I know it works when the university printing service are handling things, but this will be new territory. I may need to do some experimenting before next time, but I really don't want to turn into a font freak.

My thanks again to those who rallied round and helped me cope with the handover, notably the two Mikes, Dave, Tim, Ken and Steve. If help like that is the norm, I think I shall enjoy my spell in the chair. Next issue will lead on Essen and the plan is that Uncle Mike will again be chief reporter, though impressions from other people lucky enough to go will also be very welcome. I, unfortunately, shall not be there. In this job, illness during term time comes close to being a breach of contract and a jaunt to a games fair would result in me being hurled from the Cromwell Tower.

Also on the drawing board are another Dave Farquhar interview and maybe more from me on older games. One thing I could do in this area is take you on a wander through the better games from the early seventies onwards, one man's guide to the major and minor classics. Having been occupying this patch of gaming turf for over twenty years, I am in as good a position as anybody to do this and I am willing to give it a try. Is this the sort of thing that those who have been asking for more on older games have in mind? The drawback to this sort of exercise is that it can be frustrating to read about games that are no longer available, but, as the chorus of enthusiasm for Cul de Sac that started last issue and continued this shows, there are ways round the problem --- reprints, secondhand market and even D.I.Y.

Stuart Dagger

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