( He's looking for work in the morning)

by CLIFF MIKARD (allegedly)

Avalon Hill's new game Rumour And Counter Rumour is due for publication at Xmas. Players take the part of company executives (the denial faction) or journalists (searching for truth, as usual). The winner is the gamer with the most egg on his face at the end of a pre-determined time (currently 12 months and running.) ... I note that Mike Oakes (last issue) is awaiting comments on Pony Express. How about "it promises more than it delivers, but overall not bad"". Incidentally Mike, you are one lucky sod to have a regular 6/7 player gathering. I imagine 2 or 3 is the norm and wouldn't be surprised if at least 50\% of the hobbly are stuck on their own. ... I see that Stephan Valkyser is devoting his life to {\sl Statis Pro Basketball. 70 games at three hours a time! Oh to be a student again! ... I've now played Intrige a few times and have come to the conclusion that unless you are a loud-mouthed bigot (like me) you don't stand an earthly. I note that Peter Duckworth enjoyed Boom Town. This was recently given an airing by our regular group and the consensus was positive. A good "opener". ... I was amused by Trevor Deadman-Spall's "Rette Sich Wer Kann" variant. Removing the negotiation (shouting loudly) phase is a little like playing "Subbuteo" without the ball. ... Have you seen the new {\sl General where they show you how to play Assassin? A shame it couldn't have been included with the game. ... Word has it that {\sl Maharajah (Avalon Hill again) is first rate. It swiftly sold out at the now Mark Green-less Just Games. Mark, incidentally, is now residing just outside of Paris. I appear to be the only one not to have his new address. ... Recent sessions of Lambourne Games' {\sl Sport of Kings have proved particularly fruitful. I would venture that those who normally avoid sports replay games will be transfixed by the outstanding Campaign system which can accomodate any number from one to ten. ... Games and Puzzles has become an essential purchase, but I understand that publisher Paul Lamford is being brow-beaten about the lack of boardgame reviews. He intends to address this situation. Paul will be at Essen hustling the Euro market for his organ. ... Of other journals brought to my attention, I enjoyed The Game Report, a US equivalent of Sumo. Although editor Peter Sarrett is far too kind with his reviews, he does cram in a stack of material. Write to Peter at 6418 140th Ave, NE Redmond, WA 98052, USA. ... It goes without saying that Perfidious Albion and Berg's Review of Games still dominate wargame reporting. In fact both are far superior to the glossies that front the market.

Mike Clifford

I love the bit about journalists, Mike --- sorry, Cliff. Which planet have you been living on for the last few years? How is it the old poem goes? "It's impossible to bribe or twist, thank God, the British journalist, but, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to." And that was written long before Rupert Murdoch moved in on the British market and decided that the lowest common denominator wasn't low enough. Call me "journalist" and I'll sue.

As for Assassin, there were quite a few comments on the game in the letters. I'd have printed them had there been any disagreement with the Siggins verdict, but there wasn't and I don't believe in unleashing a mob pursuit. And it has been the same verdict in the postings on the Net. In fact, there probably hasn't been this much agreement on anything since the time when the world was asked to decide on Dan Quayle's IQ. Those of you who have already bought the game should do as Mike suggests in his article and get hold of copies of The General 29,2 and 29,3, both of which contain variants that might help.

Stuart Dagger

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