LAMBOURNE GAMES, £8.95 with board, £5.55 without (incl p&p)

Terry Goodchild's 800 Metres is the first supplement for his excellent Long Distance Double track game. Adhering faithfully to the Lambourne Games principal of "dull graphics", the lacklustre presentation in no way reduces the effectiveness and enjoyment of what is now one of the premier sports replay games.

The game system is described completely in the five pages of rules/introduction and ownership of Long Distance Double is not required. However, I would advise buying the track and runner counters (available with the charts as a complete package) to help expedite play. Having established the fitness for the selected competitors (a comprehensive selection of "all-time greats" is included), the "substitute results" for each runner are also recorded on the scoresheet. These factors can be used instead of the movement points obtained via the Results Card. For example: Seb Coe's die roll is "4", which allows him to advance six squares or choose one of his substitute results (five in total). Most are straightforward movement factors, but some can only be used in the early going and some affect the athlete's sprint rating. In effect, each runner has a "personalised" grid on the scoresheet.

Once the first two turns have been completed, the runners break for the inside of the track and the melee ensues. Competitors can be boxed in ("McKeaned" as it's known in the trade) or even step aside (pacemakers) to avoid reducing the all-important pace. During a game turn, the leader's total movement is the Set Pace for all the athletes. The final accumulative pace total also helps establish the winning time.

Each race comprises 12 turns, including a sprint finish, and should take no more than an hour to complete. I hesitate to use the word "faultless" to describe a game system, but if there are any problems connected with LDD and MM, I haven't found them.

Footnote 1: The latest LDD module is 3000 Metres Steeplechase, which utilises all the factors common to this event, including wide ranges of pace and the dreaded "stumble at the water jump" which is incorporated into the Running Tables. 3000 Metres Steeplechase costs £7.95 (incl p&p).

Footnote 2: Terry Goodchild's annual Lambourne convention was put on hold for this year, but he has offered a couple of dates for 1995: either March 25 or April 8. Terry would appreciate preferences from those likely to attend, in order that he may assess potential numbers and therefore the viability of this treasured event. Lambourne's address is 15 Mill View Close, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4HR.

Mike Clifford

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