Despite some well-meaning prophets of doom, Sumo 2 is here. I have to admit even I have been surprised by the generally favourable response to the last issue. Subs, trade offers and letters have been arriving at a respectable rate. I hope this means I have found a small niche in the market. Either way, let's say I'm pleased with the outcome.

This issue should be on time and will be an unusually large one. If all goes to plan it will be posted in the first week of August which is five days behind schedule. Considering it has been hot and sticky, I don't think that is too bad. Temperatures and humidity around my glowing Amiga have occasionally been enough to drive me to seek relaxation in other forms, usually involving a cold drink and a World Cup game. Additionally, you can expect the size and layout to change next issue. Look for a 24-30 pager with, if I can manage it, newspaper columns and graphics to break up the text a bit. It may be a little late depending on whether I do it before or after Essen, that is if I end up going.

The big event since last issue has been my second resignation from Games International, but this time I think it will be for good, recent changes at GI notwithstanding. Although I will miss the free games, I will value the time more highly. I enjoyed most of the time I was writing for GI, not least the notoriety I was starting to attract, and I am sure my reviewing came on considerably. The main reasons for the split were not in fact musical differences, but my feeling rather jaded with the work, growing pressures of my proper job and a few fairly insignificant disagreements with Brian which all got to me in the end. The upshot is that I will be able to put more time into Sumo, because I am not yet tired of seeing my stuff in print, but will also be able to devote more time to do those things that used to be my hobbies. Fans of my turgid prose will probably want to go long of GI 15 which contains my last known published work and is therefore bound to be a collector's item. As a guide, GI 1 (featuring the immortal gridiron piece) is already changing hands for upwards of 90p.

Thanks are again due to Stuart Dagger and Mike Clifford for another excellent selection of reviews and comments. As ever, any budding writers are invited to contribute short articles or reviews.

Special Request: If anyone knows the identity of the gamer at Midcon who was showing his 'Fertile Crescent'/Middle East Britannia variant, would they please let me know who it was? I am keen to see the game, the Middle Earth variant (Graham Staplehurst?) and any other Britannia or 18xx variants that may be out there. Thanks.

Mike Siggins 16/7/90.

Sumo - Mike Siggins