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The post-Nuremburg glow continues. Although one can guarantee a couple of winners from this enormous show, I'm not sure whether there has been the quality in depth prior to this year. To date, I have played High Society (sublime), Die Siedler Von Catan, Medici, Sternen Himmel (all excellent) and Linie 1 (first rate). Only Galopp Royal has failed to excite, and we didn't give that a fair crack of the whip. Other excellent new games to have come to my attention are Peg Poker, Condottiere and Sim City.

I suggest Gareth Lodge (Sumo 22) gives World Cup Tournament Football another go (if he hasn't already sold it). It takes a couple of plays to get fully into the swing of things, although I concede that luck plays a part in determining the outcome in later rounds.

Derek Carver is older than he looks. I though I was the only one around who remembers separate component boxes/boards .

Guerilla, as Alan How rightly pointed out in the last Sumo, is brilliant. And The General Vol. 29, No.6 has a two-player variant. Bring on Madonna!

I hope you won't mind a serious bit of name dropping here (if I could remember it!). In response to Mike Oakes comments re: Westminster, I can report that I played this opus with the designer (?) at one of the late lamented Games Days at The Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria. A marvellous idea that he alone was able to unravel.

Carom fans will welcome Ram Chatlani's philosophical writings in the impressive Karom Reflections, a self-published hardback running to 138 pages. At £9.99, the book is good value for money, even if the tone leans toward the serious. Write to Ram at Annan Farm, Framfield, East Sussex, TN22 5RE.

Games & Puzzles continues, but is in dire need of a sub-editor. There is absolutely no excuse for literals in today's spellcheck society. And would someone please grab publisher Paul Lamford by the lapels and impress upon him the importance of accurate game reviews written by knowledgeable contributors (ie, the staff of Sumo).

And continuing in literary mode, Peter Sarrett's The Game Report continues to flourish. Pete seems to have ``lightened up'' in recent issues, although I personally find the game reviews overlong. Nonetheless, it is well worth the $12 sub, and at some point I intend to buy my own and stop reading Signor Sigfuentes' copy. Write to Peter at 1920 N. 49th St, Seattle, WA 98103, USA.

In order to bring the illustrious class of Sumo even closer to their adoring readership, I hope that the following ``mini'' biographies will reflect the radiating personalities of those regular contributors to this tome.

MIKE SCHLOTH -- Former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, and now jogging ``meister'' for Bill Clinton.

ALAN MOON (the man in black) -- Fashion guru, author (Dice With Death), property tycoon (mobile home in France).

MIKE SIGGINS -- Competitive pro cyclist, renowned angler, cordon bleu chef (biscuits a speciality).

ALAN HOW -- Kettle Chip connoisseur. Timberland's sole supporter.

DAVE FARQUHAR -- Thrill seeker (fishes illegally, cycles without lamps), sophisticate (understands Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory).

KEN TIDWELL -- Linguist: speaks Texan, Cockney and Gaelic (all at once). Currently in rehab after internet overdose.

RICHARD BREESE -- Back-up power forward for the Orlando Magic. Certifiable -- likes Wucherer.


MIKE CLIFFORD -- Stuart Dagger once phoned him.

STUART DAGGER -- An all-round good egg who deserves to win the lottery ASAP. A living deity. A supreme human being. Looks like Charlton Heston. Or is that Charlton Athletic? (SWD: More a question of Paddington Bear with a beard. And attitude.)

Mike Clifford

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Stuart Dagger