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2-6 players

reviewed by MIKE CLIFFORD

Volle Lotte seems to have been largely ignored since its release at Essen, although there can be no satisfactory reason for this anonymity given the game's quality. The components are six traditional dice and a pack of cards which adjust the possible score during each player's turn. The dice are rolled until at least one fails to score or ``volle lotte'' (all dice scoring) is achieved. Any 1 (100 points) or 5 (50 points) scores singly, whilst a triple (ie three 6s) scores 100 times face value -- three 2s, 200. The cards provide an incentive to continue rolling to earn the stated bonus. These are, typically, additional points , or a specific task i.e., roll 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. One even dispenses an ``instant win'' if volle lotte is rolled in two turns (cries of ``Keep going, you mealy-mouthed cretin!'').

On his or her turn, the player turns the top card from the pile (some abort a move) and rolls all six dice. If neither a triple nor 1s or 5s are showing, the turn is over. This is unlikely in the first throw, eliminating any frustration factor. Assuming at least one die scored, the player may continue to roll, (having set aside the scoring dice) or settle for the current score (like Pass The Pigs). In a specific example, Kurt has rolled a ``1'' with his first throw, and then a ``1'' and ``5'' with his second. He cops out with a score of 250 (first to 6000 wins, which is not as much as it sounds).

The game plays in less than half an hour, difficult choices must be made, and the card deck has sufficient variety to guarantee repeated play. In fact, Volle Lotte has become one the favourite ``closers'' in my group. Now you have this information to hand, I assume that you will dump that silly 6-Nimmt and play something sensible.

Mike Clifford

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Stuart Dagger