Box Repair

Barry Bucknall writes: Apart from light repairs to squashed game boxes, there isn't much call for DIY in the gaming hobby. However, having taken delivery of the boxed version of Mare Mediterraneum, it was obvious that something was needed to stop the whole thing falling apart. So, for those suffering from the wholly inadequate brackets the following steps give a strong and usable box:

1. Leave the brackets and front clip in place and ensure the corners of the box line up exactly. Tape securely in place with sellotape/masking tape at the corners.

2. Remove the pins from the top section of the front clip only. Apply slow curing epoxy adhesive (I used Loctite Multibond) to the back of the clip and the wood behind. Be careful not to get the adhesive anywhere but on the areas to be bonded. Re-locate the clip, align with the bottom section and replace the pins, tapping lightly home with a small hammer. For extra strength, cover the pins with more glue before tapping home. Leave until fully cured, overnight if possible.

3. Repeat 2 for the bottom section of the clip, then each of the four bracket halves in turn. Be particularly careful not to get the glue on the bracket joints. Pay special attention to alignment of the brackets.

4. Let the whole thing set for a day or so and remove the tape. Done!

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