Watch out boys, he's got a new typeface. Sumo is here, on time, leaner, meaner and just as nicely formed. For those still struggling with the numbering system, this is Sumo Three, being the fourth in a series commencing with a pilot issue, or issue zero if you prefer. Complete sets of back issues are available for the price of a half bottle of Brown Brothers 1989 Orange Muscat and Flora (Oddbins) which has to be the most amazing dessert wine this side of a Chateau d'Yquem (well, Pound for Pound).

Editorial topics this time include Sumo Discounts, Sumo Frequency, Sumo Layout and Karaoke Kiddie's Korner.

Mac's Models of Edinburgh have been convinced by John Evans that Sumo subscribers are worthy of a 10% discount on purchases over #20. I think this is mainly for purchases made at the shop but I guess you could negotiate free postage on their substantial range of boardgames, second hand games, RPGs, figures and other gaming sundries. This is a good start for Sumo's commercial image and thanks to John for closing the deal. Mac's are at 133-135 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DF. Tel: 031 557 5551. Visa/Mastercard taken.

Several eager chappies have been pestering me to take Sumo monthly, bimonthly or even weekly. To these people I say thankyou for the compliments but time does not permit me to get this out much faster than at present. I have decided to continue accepting contributions which will help (WPs out lads) but a busy job and a desire to remain sane means that Sumo stays quarterly or slightly faster for now. As much as I would like to expand and speed up, to stretch myself beyond what I know I can handle is a dumb move and Sumo would probably end up folding rather than getting quicker. "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" remains our motto here at Sumo Towers.

I have received some constructive comments on the blocky, text-heavy presentation of Sumo. Me, I quite like blocky, text-heavy newsletters because I like lots of reading matter but in deference to those who know better and inspired by the BBC's 'Into Print', I have experimented this time with some different typestyles and column layouts on which you are asked to comment.

Charles Vasey has kindly sent in a review of a Ninja Turtle game which could well be the first of many pieces on decent games for the kiddies. Lots of you out there have these modern fashion items and are invited to submit short pieces on the latest Postman Pat extravaganza, Hungry Hippos, ELC products or whatever. Make sure you mention the age range and if you get them in by Christmas, it will help with my present list for my Godson.

Congratulations to Monika and Ernst Knauth on their recent marriage. I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Essen and thanks for the hospitality.

Mike Siggins 01/11/90.

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