The game news grapevine is quite active at the moment and for this issue I thought a separate page might be in order. The biggest scoops are from our Stateside newshound Mr Moon. The first is a late entry that really is a shocker. As of 31/1/91, Hasbro (owners of Milton Bradley) have bought out Parker Brothers by buying Kenner Parker Tonka for $500m+. I have no idea what the implications of this might be, but it will certainly be a major jolt for the US games industry. Secondly, a story that would have had top billing in any normal month, is that there will be a major new player in the German games market in 1991. The company is called Amigo, has big league backing (interesting to see exactly who), and hopes to take on big boys Ravensburger and Schmidt from day one. They will have game announcements at Nuremburg and presumably releases later in the year. Interesting times. Thirdly, and try not to get overexcited, is that MB in the States have just released a game called Daytona 500 that uses a Formel Eins style system for the famous NASCAR epic. Hubba Hubba.

Tough news to follow, but here goes. Inevitably, TSR are rushing out one of many Gulf games called A Line in the Sand (it could equally well be a Golf game) which will presumably use their RSR/Europe Aflame system....The payment dispute (over royalties?) concerning 1835 seems to have resolved itself (or not, depending who you speak to) and stocks of the Hans im Gluck megagame are now to be found in some shops...Gibson's are reputed to be doing Adel Verpflichtet and Paternoster for the UK market. They also have a very interesting Sherlock Holmes story telling card game in development. These may be in evidence the Toyfair next week...The German version of Adel has been spotted in Virgin London along with Schoko & Co - I wonder who is behind this sales coup?...Minden Games have a new catalogue and magazine covering their excellent Playing Card Cricket and sportsgames range...Columbia Games have Mid-East Peace imminent (a 'cynical' game about Gulf diplomacy and economics) and rumours are that the East Front WWII block game will finally appear.

Jumbo have just released Meteo which is the English version of Wind & Wetter (Meteo being a well known English word). Looks very nice and a review should follow. No recent news on the re-print of Homas Tour, an original copy was recently reported sold for £100 in Germany....Tactica miniatures rules now have a supplement available...3W have been sold to Cummins Enterprises heralding the end of Keith Poulter's reign. He started from humble beginnings in our very own Buckhurst Hill. Not many people know that (and fewer care)...Cummins or 3W have just released an S&T Gulf Special including a number of games. The next S&T game is Eylau...Airlines is selling like hotcakes in the UK, I suggest you buy Moon shares NOW....Talsorian have a Dream Park RPG in the works...Chart/AH have released Carrier, Republic of Rome and Code of Bushido for ASL nuts. They have also cut their UK prices by around 10-12% due to dollar weakness...No sign of Express from Mayfair yet - signal failure I guess. PS. Now out in the States.

GDW's Falklands module is delayed till June at the earliest but Gunslingers (an Air Superiority module) is due soon...Clash of Arms have released Marching Through Georgia (in the UK already) and La Bataille de Ligny. Quatre Bras is to follow shortly. They are also working on a new version of Robert E Lee and the second edition La Bataille rules are long overdue...ICE have re-issued Organised Crime...Lambourne have released Speedway Challenge. Soccer, rugby and tennis games are in the works...Still no sign of Mayfair's Watchmen Sourcebook, Nova's Captains & Privateers, Taskforce's Liftoff Expansion, Omega's Carrier War or Taskforce's Bounty Hunter game...Chaosium are releasing several CoC modules...Odd rumours department: Clash of Arms are to re-do Chaosium's Nomad Gods.

The 1990 edition of Statis Pro Baseball will come in National League, American League and Deluxe (AL/NL) versions...The first Lace & Steel module has appeared - but has anyone bought or played the game?....Mickey Games, publishers of Fast Break (the finest replay basketball game on the planet) still have a few 85-86 season complete games available....Railroad Tycoon should be out for the Amiga and ST in May. Be patient, it's worth it....Kick Off 2: The Final Whistle is out. This adds all sorts of goodies to the game...the computer version of Gibson's Escape From Colditz is due out any time now and looks, that's it.

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