Master Labyrinth

Ravensburger, c.£18

Carries a German government health warning concerning guaranteed headaches. Briefly, this is a luxury version of the earlier Amazing Labyrinth game and retains the same theme of running round a constantly shifting maze, picking up items. The reason the maze moves is that each player can push the passages around on the sliding board each turn so you never know whether you are coming or going, all the while trying to collect counters worth a range of points.

Even at much less than an hour to play, this is one of those oh-so-clever games with gorgeous pieces that does little more than drive me to distraction. Other players show a marked attraction and skill for the system, but I strongly suspect they are social inadequates of some description! Not my scene at all, but for those who enjoy the abstract brainbender end of things, this is one to get. Widely tipped for Game of the Year, yours for a tenner.

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