Sumo Issue 6

For those kind souls who enquired after my health, the tooth problems now seem to be a distant and hopefully forgettable memory. At the end, after six month's pain, an operation and a lot of cash (mostly BUPA's), the offending molar was yanked out and I've been fine since. No diagnosis was ever proferred by the baffled 'expert' medicos, so I conclude from patching together theories that I had a hairline crack that was invisible to X-rays. This, in turn, was probably caused by some tasty gravel encountered last year in some sabotaged baked beans. Great! Overall, I must say I've had better years. The upshot for Sumo is that this is only the third issue of the year but which is 'on time' in the sense of being post-Essen. I will try, as compensation, to get a fourth issue out soon after Christmas but this depends on my job - I'm on my own from Dec 1st, doing three jobs. Help.

It wasn't a great Summer for playing games. There were always lots to tackle and quite a few new ones arrived, but when I wanted to play it was too hot or my regular opponents were away catching some rays. More often than not, tooth permitting, I did much the same. That, and the fact I have finally got round to some time-consuming gamekit production, means this issue of Sumo covers mainly backlogged games. I hope it isn't any the worse for that. It also features the return of the chat which was mentioned by at least twenty of you as a positive feature. Who am I to argue?

What you will have quickly spotted is an increase in the cover price to £1.00. This was inevitable once my old printer packed it in (a recent description of his prices being 'criminal' may well have been broadly accurate) and I am now looking to have to pay nearer commercial rates. As I refuse to drop below break-even on this venture, I'm afraid all your remaining subs have been unceremoniously cut in half - please account for the 50p half issue credits when (if) you re-subscribe. If this is unacceptable, please feel free to ask for your cash back. Otherwise, judging by the widespread comment, I don't believe Sumo will be regarded as bad value even at the new level.

There is a good chance of a change in the layout of the Rules Bank this time. Basically, if I leave out the report and waffle and simply list the new arrivals and wants, it might fit on one page or slightly more. As the bank is now firmly established and working as well as it ever will, I will leave it to run itself unless something changes thus freeing up some space better used for other things.

With the intention of not affecting the page count, Sumo is now in a position to accept half-page or full-page camera ready adverts from interested parties. The usual editorial discretion will be applied to content, but I doubt anyone can do anything offensive with a list of game prices. Rates on request from the address below.

Mike Siggins 3/10/91.

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