MBW Wargames Weekend,
6th - 8th September 1991, Warrington

A Report by Tim Cockitt

The Manchester Board Wargamers recently held their first residential wargames weekend at the Patten Arms Hotel in Warrington. The Patten Arms is a very accessible venue, being literally across the road from Warrington Bank Quay BR station. The event was a great success. There were 18 gamers staying at the hotel, with a further 20 or so attending for days, or evenings. Attendees came from as far away as Arbroath, Lincoln, London, and Bristol.

Several large-scale games were played; Red Barricades (ASL), La Bataille de Deutsch Wagram (followed by Talavera), Drive on Stalingrad, and Civilisation. There was a delayed start for Drive on Stalingrad, as the owner had to return home for the Russian counters which he had left behind. Other games played were fairly representative of those popular at regular MBW meetings. Wargames included Panzergruppe Guderian, Up Front, Attack Sub, Enemy in Sight, Lee v. Grant. A House Divided, Buck Rogers, and GEV. Amongst the general games were Formula De, Liar's Dice, Lemming, Die Macher, and Cafe International.

There were a number of critical comments passed about general, trivial, (or even "family") games being played at a wargames weekend. I feel this lack of openness is unfortunate. I have been introduced to several general games through the MBW, which have provided considerable enjoyment and fun - a welcome follow-up, or alternative, to brain-aching serious wargames.

In spite of an incident over some less than tender lamb at dinner, the event was regarded as most worthwhile, and will hopefully be repeated next year, (possibly at a different North West venue). The next major MBW event will be the annual auction, on the 7th March - SAE to the auctioneer for further details: 9, Tenby Ave, Withington, Manchester, M20 9DU. Visitors and new members are always welcome at regular MBW meetings - these are on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month, from 12:00 noon till 6:00 pm, at St. Chad's church hall, (near Romiley station), Romiley, near Stockport (not far from the M56).

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