Sumo Issue 7

Well, that cover is certainly going to date most quickly. This is Sumo 7, following reasonably quickly on from the last issue due mainly to a massive surge of contributions, for which many thanks. I was strongly considering putting out a subscriber only issue at one point. Keep them coming, and thanks to those who sent them in on disk or camera ready - you have no idea how much time this saves on re-typing.

Little news on the personal front. Work is very busy and is likely to remain so but I think we're over the worst, having managed to flog 100m of property to Great Portland Estates just before to Christmas. They must know something we don't. I also have problems with another molar which must be considered rather unlucky or a sign that perhaps something is fundamentally wrong with my teeth. Having changed dentist, I'll see if they can sort me out a bit quicker than last year.

Apologies dept. What is it with typos? Due to lack of time last issue, I scanned the letter column on screen and checked it again when I printed out and it looked fine. Why is it then that the numerous typos only appear when you've actually gone to print? Weird.

Nothing much else apart from housekeeping: FREE OFFER - Theo Clarke of Small Furry Creatures Press (see review in Sumo 6) and I have agreed a mutual scheme for readers to obtain a sample of each others magazine. Simply drop Theo a line at 98 Choumert Road, London SE15 mentioning the Sumo 7 offer and he will send you an issue of SFCP gratis, leaving you free to decide if it is for you. The idea behind this is that our readers almost certainly have similar tastes and this represents an attempt to increase crossover subscriptions. Go to it.

New Rules Received: Masco, Formule De, Das Letzte Kamel, Robin Hood, Bockige Esel, Extrablatt, Entenrallye, Ronde van Frankrijk, Therapie, Pony Express, Pony Express Original Rules, Pony Express Original Boards (not yet copyable), Pony Express Original vs Abacus Differences, Valley of the Mammoths, RuckZuck and Hacker.

Convention Dates

Mike Siggins 29/1/92.

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