Sumo Issue 8

I have to admit that this Sumo is about a month later than I'd hoped. The reason, this time, is that after five years of uninterrupted service the Amiga died on me, trapping all of Sumo and lots of letters until I could get a dodgy chip fixed. That accounts for about three weeks. The rest is down to me and an unprecedentedly busy phase at work. I keep saying work will improve, but I now realise that chances are it won't. We shall see. Otherwise, things are much the same here at Sumo Towers. I have another molar in difficulty (number three for those losing count), life seems one endless rush, friends and co-workers are stressed, depressed and 'recessed', the firm seems to be gradually slipping into the mire and yet, pleasingly, Sumo continues to attract a steady flow of subscribers, which brings me to the subject of the editorial.

Sumo costs £1 all-in to you which, on a large issue like last time, gives rise to a containable but nevertheless unpleasant loss. This is, for several reasons, unacceptable. I can solve this in three ways: reduce the size of the issues (which is likely to happen anyway); put the cover price up; or reduce my printing costs by way of larger print runs. What I am really angling for is the latter as it has no impact on you lot. Basically, if I can achieve economies of scale in printing, Sumo can carry on as is for the forseeable future. For that to happen I need a even more subscribers. Another 100 would be nice, but I am a realist.

So, this is the pitch. If you are reading this and you don't subscribe (and I think there are at least thirty of you judging by letters and rules bank requests), please send me a fiver. It is not a lot to ask. If you play in a games group where only one of you gets Sumo, try and get one or two more to sub. If half of you found me another subscriber I'd be a happy man. If you are a shop, could you increase the standing order? I know all this is typical magazine editor fare, but it is important. Enough grovelling, let's see how it goes.

Could I make one comment for the benefit of new readers and any others who I regularly keep waiting for The Next Sumo, rules, sample issues, back issues, games, letters, help and views or indeed anything else. If it isn't obvious, Sumo is very much a spare time concern. It makes me no money, takes hours to do and can occasionally be a hassle, particularly when I have thirty addresses and subs to update. I currently have a very busy job and, believe it or not, other interests which includes playing games. So, if I take two, three or even four weeks to reply (and it might even be longer), please don't fret too much. As an indication, I have spent all the lunch hours of last week catching up with a backlog of mail as I have no other time to reliably get it done at present. And for those few who complained, I never cash cheques before I've sent the goods. Okay?

Mike Siggins

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