The 9th Annual Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend

The 9th Annual Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend will be on the weekend of May 16/17th, 1998.


Town Hall, Burton on Trent, Staffs. UK.


10-10 Saturday, 10-7 Sunday


£3.50 per day/£6 for both days on the door
£3.00 per day/£5 for both days in advance


Hot and cold food, tea, coffee etc. available all the time; bar open for all but a couple of hours. Last year the Real Ale ran out prematurely - so we have changed beer suppliers! There will now be a selection of cask beers from the award-winning Burton Bridge Brewery, plus the obligatory fizzy stuff for who prefer it.

The Town Hall has a 300 space car-park, and is 2 minutes walk from the station. There are plenty of hotels and guest houses around the town.


Beer & Pretzels caters to all types of non-electronic games - your ticket guarantees playing space, to do with what you will. There are several organised games, with miniatures wargaming particularly well covered in recent years. There is also a well-used Board Games Library, and many people bring their own favourites to play. There is a simple but effective system for matching players needing games to games needing players. A Magic tournament is now a standard feature, and there is always some role-playing, though not as much as one might expect due to both GM's and players being distracted by other games. This year we are going to try really hard to get more RPG's organised in advance, so interested parties please get in touch.

The other change this year is that we are going to have to restrict the trade space - we came perilously close to running out of tables last year, and gaming takes absolute priority over selling. Anyone with a gaming product to sell or club to promote is welcome to a bit of wall space and a modest display, but in return must run some sort of participation game. People running games don't get free tickets because they are there to enjoy themselves too - although I have been known to buy the odd beer for those doing an especially great job.


Further details of exactly who is running what will be published nearer May; meanwhile information, tickets etc. are available from:

Spirit Games
98 Station Street
Burton on Trent
Staffs. DE14 1BT
Tel/Fax: 01283 511293

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell