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October 2000

Last updated on October 20, 2000.

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Most of the new stuff is scattered around the living room. After about four weeks, I'll pick stuff up and actually put it away in the Game Cabinet (give or take a bit depending on other demands on my time).

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Sumo's Karaoke Club (Redux)

I would just like to take a moment to point out that Sumo is no longer being published. Further writings by Mike Siggins can be found in back issues of Games Games Games. But, as of this writing, Mike Siggins has retired from the world of board gaming. Perhaps we will see a return one fine day in the future.

Most of the other folks who wrote for Sumo are now writing for Counter. You can read all about how to subscribe to this fine publication on the magazine rack elsewhere in this Cabinet.

All of the issues prior to the one featured below can be found, along with a small pile of mouldering sweat socks and a four foot high resin cast garage kit of Thunderbird 3, crammed into this drawer here.

Sumo Issue 23/24 - Summer, 1995

Editted by Stuart Dagger.
Published by Mike Siggins.
Converted to HTML by Stuart Dagger w/ bugs added by Ken Tidwell.
Resident wit Mike Clifford.

In (And On) The Cabinet

These drawers and shelves hold the bulk of the stuff in the Cabinet. Have fun rooting around in them! (If you want to find something specific just ask the Cabinet mouse.)

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