April, 1995

A hearty welcome to Dirk Bock, our man on the scene in Germany, and Julie Prince, who promises to get more American games reviewed in these pages. Dirk has the skinny on several of the games released for the Nuremberg Toy Show. Julie opens with Robo Rally, the controversial new game from Garfield. Is it a multi-hour programming grind or an exciting and different race game? Read Julie's review and find out. (But watch this space for rebuttals!)

The Cabinet was a bit sparse in April. My in-laws were visiting for three weeks (Europeans have a reasonable amount of vacation and aren't afraid to use it) and I'm afraid that took up most of my free time. My father-in-law was pleased to announce that they had suceeded in playing three-quarters of one percent of all of the games in my collection. Ha!

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