Martin Higham

I am a 35 year old (born 1960) freelance software developer living in Wokingham, England (about 40 miles outside of London). I am neither married nor single.

I've been playing one form of game or another as long as I can remember. I remember many family sessions of Monoploy, Buccanneer and Totopoly. In the early seventies my brother (Paul) subscribed to S&T and I was introduced to board wargames. In the late seventies a small white box containing 3 booklets arrived on my doorstep and I was drawn in to the world of D&D and role-playing. I have continued to play RPGs of all shapes and sizes ever since. Wargaming and the occassional boardgame were mixed in where possible. During this time I was introduced to the world of sports games, in particular AHs Football Strategy.

My most intense role-playing was during my time at Lancaster University, when Runequest got many an all night session. Once having left university time was more valuble and it became harder and harder to keep a regular RPG group together. Then in 1988 I bought a copy of deluxe Illuminati and was determined to actually play it (I had bought so many board wargames and never got round to playing them). The ex-RPGers were gathered and the games commenced. Coinciding with this a magazine appeared in the UK called Games International which introduced me to a world of German games, which I have been foisting on my fellow gamers ever since. It wasn't long before I was a regular at Just Games and by 1989 I had been to the hallowed games fair at Essen. Ah, the elitist days when you could swing a cat without it hitting a fellow Englishman.

In early 1993 my name was passed to some weird German game designer in Windsor (about 15 miles away) who was looking for players to try out his ideas on. Thus my fellow players and I were introduced to Reiner Knizia whose ideas we have been destroying ever since.

Currently I play as many boardgames as possible, RPG occasionally, would play some board wargames if I could find the opponents, find some time to play computer games (3DO at present) and ... I could not finish without mentioning the dread word Magic. I can only say that I dabble. I do not have the hoards of cards of the addicts but I do enjoy the game.

If I'm not gaming I seem to be plugged into the net and am contactable via I can accept ascii, MIME and NeXT mail.


30th April 1995

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