Peter Wotruba (pete@chem.UCSD.EDU)

I am 30 years old and engaged to be married this year. I work as a laboratory manager for biochemistry and physical chemistry undergraduate labs here at UCSD. I really enjoy working with professers, graduate students and students, but the best thing about this job is the free net and web access that comes with it.

My interrest in games started from a love of history. I always was interested in the US Civil War, and this led me to my first wargame a few years ago. My interrest in all types of games has flourished since I was an undergrad at college, mainly through the help of avid game-playing friends. And now my enthusiasm for this hobby has grown to the point where I am trying to build a comprehensive game library (much to the detriment of my bank account).

I started getting interrested in German games only about a year ago. Because of my net access, I was able to find out and aquire many different games. I now know a person who I buy games from in Germany, and since many of the things that I am getting are brand new, they do not come with translations. (Luckily I took German as my language in high school and college). Now, thanks to my new hobby, my rusty German is coming back. (Now if only I could get paid for it).

My favorite games at this point (besides anything new and yet unplayed) has to be Tal der Koenige and Modern Art. Two very good and highly interractive games. I am always, of course, on the lookout for new games that pique my interrest.

February 24, 1995

Peter Wotruba

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