Piet Notebaert

I live in Brugge, Belgium where I'm a math teacher in a secondary high school.

People in Belgium (the Flemisch part - where we speak Dutch) consider me the leading expert in board games of all kind. My personal collection numbers more than 2000 games. Every year I go on the road to give speeches about society games (which is what we call them here in Belgium). These lectures are mostly introductions to the hobby. One evening I brought along 200 recent games, showed them and gave comments on each one.

A few years ago (1992) I started a club: "Hof van Watervliet". We meet every 2nd and 4th (also 5th) friday of the month in a Cultural Center in the heart of our town. Today we have about 140 regular members that show up on those evenings. Also we've started several other games clubs in Belgium (in Aalst, Gent, Mortsel, Eeklo en Assenede).

I am the author of the only Dutch guide to games ("Gids gezelschapsspellen"). This guide gives an overvieuw of more than 400 games that are fully tested in the club. Each game gets 1 to 4 hearts. For example:

Every September the guide is updated with more than 80 new games.

I am also a member of the Belgian Jury "Game of the Year" and our club has been selected to take part in the "Deutcher Spiele Preis".


So long,
Piet Notebaert

[Ken: I've paraphrased Piet here a bit but I don't think I've changed any of the facts around. If I have just drop me a note, Piet]

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