Letter from the Editor
(December, 1995)

Merry <Insert Mid-Winter Holiday Here>!

The Game Cabinet is full of bright and shiney presents this month. The most notable of these is the launch of our reprint run of Sumo. We start off with some of Mike Siggins' very early Inside Pitch columns and follow up with the elusive Sumo Issue Zero. Good stuff. Grab a glass of eggnog and sit down for a nice, long read.

This issue also sees the launch of another continuing series, Across the Board, which will look at gaming in public spaces around the world. The next few months will feature reports from Belgium, France, and England. I'm still looking for folks willing to write about public gaming spaces in Asia, Africa and other parts of North America and Europe (well, anywhere really!). Let me know if you like the series as it develops.

The last few weeks have certainly been interesting for me. Most of you probably won't be interested but, for those that are, you can find my (public) perspective on the events at Kaleida Labs here. Extra special thanks to those folks that have dropped notes with kind words or offering to lend a hand with the Cabinet. Things seem well in control here at Brighter Books and, luckily, the transition to GameCabinet.com was well under way when Apple's axe fell.

Take care,

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell