Letter from the Editor
(July, 1997)


Well, we've made it past the terrible twos: the Game Cabinet is now three years old. A huge thank you to all the reviewers, translators, and curmudgeons that have contributed over the last three years. It wouldn't be here without all of you.

We've got a massive issue chock full of interesting bits that are not just good: they're good for you!

Lutz Pietschker receives the 'Mad Translator' award since he has gone translation crazy! Lutz has been incredibly prolific over the last two months. Especially check out his series on Dampfross / Railway Rivals. Stunning.

A tip of the hat goes to Sire Bohémond de Nicée (alias Daniel U. Thibault) for his history of Hnefatafl. Incredible. Amazing. A must read. Daniel has also contributed several great translations and solutions to several of the Stump the Net's from last issue. Thanks, Daniel!

Sumo Retro has the first of the really huge issues of Sumo this month. This one used up three issue numbers - 16, 17, and 18 - and I believe the US post office changed rules and regulations after several postal workers were severely injured while attempting to deliver these massive tomes.

Be sure to check out the sample riddles in the review of Riddles & Riches. And let me know what you think of having this sort of gaming sample in reviews.


ClickOver, that humble little place where I toil, recently moved. We left behind the unreconstructed livery stable that had been home for the past year (did I mention that it was unreinforced masonry? this, kids, is an earthquake zone. can you say "gamble"? sure. I knew you could.) and moved to swank new offices over an auto dealership. Nothin' but the best, let me tell ya.

To compliment the new digs we have a toxic waste dump across the street and the train still runs by just behind the building. But the best part was that our local branch of GameScape, perhaps the best game store in Northern California, was walking distance away. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. But I use the past tense. Because not one month after we moved in GameScape moved, too. Sigh.

But we've still got the toxic waste dump.


The Game Cabinet is starting a serious press to recruit advertisers. If you are interested please contact our advertising department for details at advertising@gamecabinet.com.

Rumor Mill

There's only one big rumor this month: WotC is buying everything. Consolidation is the word of the day. Supposedly, WotC has the TSR product schedule back on track but I'm eager to see where they take the product lines next. That seems like the best indicate we'll get of what the post-consolidation world will be like.

Well, sit back, grab a Coke, and settle in. The next three years are going to be even more fun than the last three were!

take care and see you in two months!

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell