Letter from the Editor
(June, 1996)

My head is still in a bit of a spin but my little business venture has come and gone. It has left me a bit wiser, a bit tired, and even a bit out of pocket. And, frankly, I'd rather not talk about it.


On the good side, both Mike Siggins and Catherine Soubeyrand have been writing feverishly. Mike reviews most everything in the known universe (and I've kept a few back for next issue). Catherine continues her series on ancient games with Dogs and Jackals (also sometimes called Hounds and Jackals).

This issue features a first: two new, previously unpublished games from French game designer, Bruno Faidutti! Caravanserail is a game of nomadic, desert traders complete with camels, tents, and bandits that sweep down off the dunes. Flower of the Lotus is a whimsical race game with some wicked strategy. Watch for Bruno's first American release, Knightmare Chess from Steve Jackson Games, later this Summer. Thanks, Bruno!

And a host of other folks check in, as well. Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

I'm excited by the new offerings from Winning Moves who have reissued both Cartel (as Priceless) and Hols der Geier (as Raj) in the United States. And I'm excited about Mayfair's plans to release editions of Formule De, Modern Art, and several more Euro-hits. To top it off there are rumors floating around of a major new US distributor for European games!

Next issue will be the Game Cabinet's second birthday. If anyone has an article, game, rule translation, or even just comments that they would like to add to the gala birthday issue, send it on! I can't believe its been two years already. Where does the time go?!

Take care,

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell