Letter from the Editor
(March, 1996)

Yet another wild month on the job front to me. But the Cabinet seems to plunge on ahead without me!

Mike Siggins checks in with reviews of McGartlin's entry in the long game name category, Championship Stock Car Racing Card Game, and Alan Moon's Reibach & Co, a game that is not Airlines, Santa Fe, nor Freight Train. Mike also hunted up a translation for Teuber's latest, Entdecker. A tip of the hat to Mike for keeping things rolling!

This month also sees the start of a new section, The School Bag, which will feature reviews of kid's games. If any of our readers have opinions about the juvenille genre out there in gameland, be sure to drop me a line.

This month's travel was closer to home. We took our dogs up to Mendocino for a week of holdiay. Nice place. We could watch whales from the living room of the house where we stayed. We tried out some of the longer games in our collection, as well. The Lords of the Sierra Madre game clocked in at six hours. Its a very interesting game with lots of room for players to set their own agendas and lots of very interesting opportunities for interaction, as well. I love the process of maturing investments before they become active. The rule book could use an editor, though, even after Decision Games had, presumably, gone over it to produce this second edition. I entertained myself for the rest of the holiday by reading the rules to Lords of the Reneisance, the follow on offering from Sierra Madre Games.

We also played many games of Ko-An. Look for a review next month. Its a goodie.

Some friends came up to visit for a few days and we played several games of Wildlife Adventure. A classic. Its a shame that Ravensburger hasn't kept it in print.

In the queue to be played: Bailiwick, Norns (the game with a t-shirt for a board!), The Law School Game, Reibach &l; Co (especially given Mike's glowing review - contact Alan Moon asap if you would like a copy from him), and various Dominoes games. Which reminds me: the article on Dominoes is 80% complete. I almost held up this issue for it but there just isn't the time.

Take care,

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell