Letter from the Editor
(September, 1996)

The big news during the coming month will be Essen Gamesday 96, the world's largest game party, held October 17-20 in Essen, Germany. It looks like there will be several interesting new games released and the Game Cabinet will feature coverage from Mike Siggins and Kurt Adam, our men on the scene. Look for those reports during the week following the show.

Unbelievably, I will be here at home. (sob - cue violins)

A brief note about emailing the Cabinet and why you might not have gotten a response: Be sure to check that your reply-to is set correctly. Replies to about half of the mail that comes in end up bouncing because the return address is incorrect. Check your return address by sending mail to a friend outside your ISP, company, school, or whatever. If they can reply to you then we probably can, too.

If you write in requesting something particular, such as a rule translation, I'll often queue up your request and reply when I find the rules (or get them typed in sometime next century!). I suspect there are some crabby people in L.A. still waiting to hear from me... (sorry)

As many of you have no doubt heard by now, Alan Moon and several friends have started a new company that imports European games into the US. You can reach the European Game Source at EuroGS@aol.com or at 1-888-Eurogame. Their prices are excellent (incredible, in some cases - $14 for Reibach & Co.). Run, don't walk.

In this issue, we have an incredible number of reviews of American games, curiously enough. For all those folks that complain that they can't find the games we review at the corner store: this issue's for you!

Also, inside you'll find a mighty tome by that master of games, Mike Siggins. Mike's topic today is Narrative and Atmosphere in Boardgame Systems. I think he's pulling for his Master of Ludology degree.

Take care,

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell