Ancient Games

An Introduction in the Form of an Invitation

Series editted by Catherine Soubeyrand.

There are many games that have existed for a very long time and are still played today in many cultures around the world. These games are a common factor that cuts across many cultures ignoring boundaries of language, religion, and society. It would be possible to explore this vast domain of ancient games by following two paths. One path is by way of history in which games are arrayed along the river of time. The other is by way of culture in which games are gathered in the homes of the people who invented and played them. So a choice has to be made.

I would like to invite you to travel along the shores of history. The journey will start today with one of the oldest boardgames, Senet, which was played in ancient Egypt in the time of Pharaohs.

You will, as the months roll by, discover other games. If some of you readers wish to add their piece to our raft drifting down the river of history, they are warmly welcomed. If we drift astray, readers are also encouraged to dip in an oar and set us right.

Now, let the trip begin...

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell