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American Game Collectors Association (AGCA)

Association of collectors that originally focused on pre-World War II American games but, since 1993, have expanded to encompass American games from all time periods. Also tend to go on for the same sorts of things that ephemira collectors like - period pieces, nice artwork, rarities, that sort of thing.

The AGCA maintains a library of company histories, game rules, old catalogs, and other such documentation of the history of American games.

The association has two newsletters, the Game Times and the Game Researcher's Notes.

Annual membership is US$25 for domestic and US$35 overseas. All dues are payable in US funds only.

		49 Brooks Avenue
		Lewiston, ME 04240

The Ephemera Society of America, Inc.

This society encompasses ephemera of all sorts, including paper games - boardgames, card games, and some table games. There are related ephemera societies in England, Canada, Australia, and Austria.

The society has a newsletter, the Ephemera Journal that occasionally runs features related to antique game collecting.

Annual membership is US$25.

		P.O. Box 37
		Schoharie, NY 12157

Gamers Alliance

An international network of game players and professionals. They offer many services for game professionals. They also offer a lot for game players and enthusiasts.

GA membership is open to anyone interested in games and operates on a calendar year basis. A player (that is, a non-professional) membership gives you a calendar year subscription to the Gamers Alliance Report, a quarterly newsletter. (Conversely, a calendar year subscription to GA Report makes you a member!) But being a GA member is more than just getting GA Report. They also publish three different out of print games/games-related catalogs. These catalogs offer the widest and biggest selection of games available anywhere. These catalogs are free to GA members only. And GA members enjoy other bonuses as well (such as their annual Gamers Alliance Holiday Catalog).

The game player membership rate is $25 in the US, $28 in Canada, $30 elsewhere outside the US.

		PO Box 197
		East Meadow, NY 11554

promoting all things related to dice

North American Game Club List

a list of local boardgame and roleplaying clubs in North America maintained by AC Durston.

North American Tiddlywinks Association

These folks have promoted tiddlywinks play and tournaments since 1966 and maintain the tiddlywinks "Closet of Fame."

		Rick Tucker
		PO Box 1701
		Falls Church VA 

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