Top Ten as rated by Sumo readers

As calculated by Carl Schnurr (, November 1, 1993.

Here's a list of the top twenty games as played by the readers of Sumo magazine. For the last few years, Sumo's readers have been sending in lists of games that they've played more than five to ten times. I've compiled them and weighted the games according to whether they were played 5+ or 10+ times. I think this is a pretty good indication of how good the game is, though it might favor short games over longer games (though maybe not--look at Civilization and 1830). Anyway, here's the list. Enjoy!

Note: I kept the scores of the 18xx games separate--otherwise, 18xx would definitely have been in the number one spot.

1)  Acquire
2)  Sechs Tag Rennen
3)  Formel Eins/Daytona 500 (but count also included Formula One votes - ed.)
4)  Risk
5)  Hare and Tortoise
6)  Railway Rivals
7)  1830
    Adel Verplichtet
8)  Civilization
    Speed Circuit
9)  Hols der Geier
10) Liar's Dice
11) Family Business
12) Junta
13) Kremlin
14) Clue/Cluedo
    Win, Place and Show
15) Shark
16) Der Ausreisser
    Metric Mile
17) Heimlich and Co.
18) Borsenspiel
19) Statis Pro Football
20) Britannia
    Cosmic Encounter
    Karriere Poker
    Sherlock Holmes Card Game

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