Date: Tue, 30 Sep 97 13:44:58 -0400
From: Michael Tsuk (
Subject: 'Blue Beans' in Bohnanza


I discovered in looking in my German dictionary that there's a pun, of sorts, in Bohnanza that isn't clear in the translation. Apparently, 'Blue Bean' in German is a slang term for 'bullet'. This explains the graphic on the card, although the fact that these are the most common type of bean in the game is a little depressing!

Michael Tsuk

Each of the beans in Bohnanza has a very punny picture to go with it. Most of them are easy to figure out - the kidney bean needs to find a bathroom quick, the green bean has had a bit too much to drink, etc. The blue bean depicted, curiously enough, a cowboy. Try as we might the closest we could come to an explanation was that he just blew into town - but that's an English pun and it was doubtful that it would translate to German. Now we know the answer! Thanks, Michael.


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