Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 05:11:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: John W. Sameluk (


1. First you make a roux.

2. Add seafood, spices and whatever else ya find.

3. Add file' to thicken

4. Serve during Bonko halftime

5. Before Boudreaux and all you other friends arrive, set up tables and put up scoreboard on an easel.

6. You gotta have four quarters. You eat da gumbo during halftime.

7. The ladies pick names of male partners out of a hat. If you pull up your husband you gotta throw him back in the hat. You stay with your partner all night.

8. The head table can go slow. Ring the bell when one team gets 21.

9. A bonko is scored whenever someone rolls the three dice and gets three of a kind of whatever the "point" number is during the particular game.

10. You play six games in a quarter or round. One is the point for the 1st game, two for the second, etc.

11. Whoever looses at the head table has to go to the lowest table and begin making there way back up to the head table.

12. At all the other tables, whoever wins moves up to the next table.

13. At the end of each game, the host posts the "W's and L's" on the scoreboard. If a team has scored a bonko during the game, the "W" is circled on the scoreboard. (Circle it twice if two bonkos were thrown.)

14. Someone at each table keeps score. When the head table rings the bell after 21 is made by one of the two head table teams, all the other tables stop rolling. Whichever team has the highest number records a "W" and moves up to the next table.

15. Everyone puts $5 into the pot for prizes. The grand prize is given and shared by the team with the most "W's". There can be a second, third prize, etc. The consolation prize is given to the team with the fewest wins, i.e. with the most "L's" on the scoreboard. A prize is also given to the team with the most bonkos. (In the event of ties, a "rolloff" is conducted to break ties. Whoever wins a "rolloff" for the consolation prize looses.

16. Five points are scored whenever someone rolls three of kind of a number other than the "point" number.

17. The best part of all this is the gumbo which is served at halftime.

18. Down in New Orleans, this is one of the many ways Boudreaux passes a good time with his friends.

I could clearly play games quite happily with Boudreaux...

Now if you could just throw in a little bread pudding...with the rum sauce, of course...


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