Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 21:09:00 +0000
From: Bruno Faidutti <>
Subject: Various projects

Latest news from me and my games:

1) The Amercican translation of tempete sur l'echiquier is scheduled for July release and will be called Knightmare Chess (from Steve Jackson Games)

2) The French expansion set is scheduled for September, but it was already scheduled for last September... (from Ludodelire)

3) Crime in the Abbey (very provisional name) is also scheduled for September, by Multisim (French publishers of RPGs who have just made their first foray into boardgame publishing with the translation of Credo). Crime in the Abbey is a whodunnit game based on the novels of Umberto Eco and Ellis Peter.

4) My PhD is scheduled for October, and then I'll have time to work on the ten or twenty games turning over in my head.

And we look forward to seeing all of them, Bruno!

Bruno is a French games designer perhaps best known in English speaking circles for Valley of the Mammoths.

Bruno has graciously donated two new and, as yet, unpublished games to the Game Cabinet. Look for them right here next month!


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