Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:06:43 -0100
From: solernou (
Subject: International Domino Federation


My name is Eduardo Petreñas. I am the secretary of the Catalan Dominoes Federation (Federació Catalana de Domino per parelles). That federation it's based on Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain).

We (Catalan Federation and also Spanish Domino Federation) are trying to establish the first International Domino Federation.

That International Federation will include all kinds of variations of domino playing. As you probably know, we play a diferent kind of game with only 28 tiles with a pair of people playing against one another.

We have several organisations, and also lot of regular championships. In Catalonia alone (6 milion people) we have a league (playing 40 teams of 8 people), a league by pairs, and regular "open" championship (one weekend each month).

So we are interested in any kind of information about domino clubs, people interested on playing domino and any matters that you think could be interesting.

Please send your responses to these e-mail adresses:

Thanks in advance for your attention

Eduardo Petreñas

The idea of an International Federation sounds great!

Be sure to send us more information on dominoes as they are played in Spain, in general, and Catalonia, in specific.


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