Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996
From: John Lyne <>
Subject: Chalet - unknown details

Dear Ken

I can provide some of the missing details for the game of Chalet (you have recently added the translation to the game cabinet).

The game was published by ASS AG in Germany. Neither the box nor the rules give any hint as to who the designer was or when the game was published.

The rules were translated by Chris Mellor and were typed and expanded by myself. Some small credit to this effect would be nice particularly when I think of the hours of effort that I expended (he said with feeling!).

You obviously received the translation from Mike Siggins since it was among a load of items I sent to him on a disk a while back.

Chris Mellor does the games hobby in England a great service by translating the odd set of German rules. Just as I did for the Tal der Konige rules which you also have in the Cabinet I typed them, editted here and there, and also added extra notes.

Unfortunately, when it finally came to playing the game it turned out to be a real turkey and took ages to play as well.

One saving grace with the game was the excellent quality of the money. The money came in the form of plastic cards roughly the same size as credit cards. The cards are printed on both sides and are really very nice to use. I currently use the money with my Paparazzo game!


Ah, the mysterious Chris Mellor, once again. Thanks for the attribution! Sign those dang rulesets, folks! Translation is hard work and you all deserve a pat on the back and a pint round the corner.


The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell