Date: 18 Apr 97 11:35:42 EDT From: Joe Celko (71062.1056@CompuServe.COM)
Subject: Chinese cards

>> Where did you get the cards? [Chinese Chess cards] (I might be interested in running some down - even a general description of the shop would help) <<

A small grocery store in San Francisco's Chinatown. The name on the box was in Chinese and Viet Namese ("bai tu sac", but with accent marks) and a picture of four women. The cards were in four colors (white, green, red, yellow) on their faces, all with orange backs. Every chess piece symbol (except for the pawns) was repeated four times in each color.

>> I'll ask round about the games. <<

Thanks! Asian cards are interesting.

Obviously, I have the domino cards in my collection.

I also picked up a Mah Jong deck, which has rather nice plastic coated cards and good printing. The set has a two compartment discard tray, three dice and a "wind marker"; I can figure out the wind marker, but why would you use three dice with a deck of cards? That was for counting down a wall of tiles to start the deal in Pai Gow or Mah Jong with tiles.

I have also found a reference on the UK website for card games to a pack with four suits, numbered Ace to Nine with Chinese numerals and having a fifth Ace that does not belong to any suit. The game is one of those multi-trick things that seem to be popular in Chinese games.


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