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Alan How
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Kent BR1 3UE

3rd March 1998

Dear Sumo Readers,

The current issue of Sumo is also the last and you will now be familiar with the reasons for the closure. We wish Mike Siggins well in his new role with Games, Games, Games, but we were none of us interested in joining him there. What we are doing instead is launching our own magazine which will seek to continue the Sumo tradition.

The magazine, which is to be called Counter, will be published quarterly, with the first issue appearing in the second half of May and subsequent ones in August, November and February. Stuart is to be the editor, Alan will deal with subscriptions and the accounts and Mike will handle advertising, publicity and anything else that requires ownership of a sheepskin coat. The format of the magazine will be that of Sumo: news, articles, reviews that aren't afraid to give an honest opinion and, provided the readership cooperates, lots of letters.

The size of the magazine will be determined by the amount of interesting material that we have to hand, but we are aiming for around 200 pages per year. Financially, the aim is to break even --- this is not a business venture --- and the price will be set accordingly. Our initial estimate is twelve pounds per annum (35DM, $25) and this is the figure we would ask you to send. It includes postage (airmail outside the EU). If it turns out that we have been too cautious in our estimate, we shall either extend your subscription or make an adjustment when you come to renew. Sterling cheques and Eurocheques should be made payable to Counter and should be sent to Alan. We will also accept cash in sterling, dollars or Deutschmarks and if there turns out to be a large amount of interest from the States, we shall do something about appointing an agent over there in order to make things easier for you.

If this is to work in the way that we hope, we need your support as readers and also as the writers of letters, reviews and articles. Letters may be sent to any of the three of us, e-mails to either Alan or Stuart, and if you are interested in writing something more substantial, contact the editor.

Thank you for your attention and we hope to hear from you.

Mike Clifford
Stuart Dagger
Alan How

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