Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 19:31:45, -0500
Subject: FDe & SCCRCG


Latest news is that Descartes (France) has picked up Formule De. They will be producing it like the Mayfair import (basic version - tracks on cardboard, not mounted). There will be differences in rules, too. I heard that it will come with 7 dice (why 7, who knows). All the previous tracks are to be printed. Estimated delivery date is sometime in March. I've got a standing order in so we'll see when we see.

The 2nd ed. of the Stock Car CRCG will be shipping end of February. The Origins Race of Champions invitational will be run on Saturday of Origins. All those that have won a regional tournament or a season that registered with us are invited (as well as a few others). To date 22 invitations have been mailed (with the enamel SCCRCG pin ;) to the lucky drivers.

Just a friendly update.

Mike G

Thanks for the news, Mike.

Too bad about the Descartes Formule De format. I really enjoyed Ludodelire's high production values. Unfortunately, I suspect it may have contributed to their demise.

Be sure to let us know how the Race of Champions goes.


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