Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 18:06:14 -0500
From: Annie Shillabeer (
Subject: A few more bits about Ramsdencon 13th - 16th February 1998

On Saturday 14th February there will be a Euphrat and Tigris tournament at Ramsdencon which is open to 16 players who need to be familar with the game in order to be able to enter the tournament.

Each player will play one game Saturday morning (approx 11.00am) against four others and the winner of each game will go on to play in the final which will be held on Saturday late afternoon.

It is being run by Reiner Knizia who will also be competing in the competition (herm!!) and you will need to register with me in order to be entered, It will be on a strictly first come first served basis

The rules used in the tournament will be the full English rules which will be available from Chris Lawson or myself by the end of next week. Send a S.A.E. to either Chris or me, and they will be yours.

Okay? Any queries, give me a bell or drop me a line, apologies If I take a few days to answer, work and all that.


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