Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 14:15:59 +0100
From: Chris Baylis (
Subject: Kogin & Intrigant cards

Dear Ken

Your readers (? Viewers?) might wish to know that I have been asked by Hans im Glück to distribute copies of the set of 10 promo cards for the KONIG & INTRIGANT variant of EL GRANDE. Interested parties should post SSAE's at about 60p (2nd class) and 80p (1st) to the UK. I am happy to send cards to anywhere in the world for the cost of the return postage. From the USA/Canada etc. it costs 4 x international reply coupons per pack of cards. These coupons cost $1.05 each but the Post Office only give a 1st class stamp per coupon, so the exchange rate is really poor. The turn around for me replying is the same day the coupons arrive here the cards are sent out.

My address:

67 Mynchens
Lee Chapel
North Basildon
SS15 5EG

Jay Tummelson has been designated by Hans im Glück as the official contact point for the US. His address:

Jay Tummelson
Wargames West
2434 Baylor SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Please contact Jay for further details.

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