Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 16:39:54 +0100
Subject: Essen

Hi Ken!

I'm glad to see you made it safe and sound home. I've read all your internet stuff - really good - and apart from the spelling of Mike's and my name, I'm really impressed.

We have had a good bashing of EL Grande, the motor racing game (without the arguments), Mü, Olé, and tomorrow 1630 something. I'm also suffering from Dragon Dice, and I don't think there's much chance of a cure. Mike S and Mike C also seem to appreciate this as well, so there goes the next few game sessions.

I have not tried 1870 yet, although I gather that it is as good as 1856. I saw from the Cabinet that there is the Depot and I'm very impressed with their features. I've just bought the Tracks to Telluride upgrade, as well as their card game on the Civil War, which is very similar to Naval War from AH.

2038 has gone down very well as another 18xx version and it even plays quite fast. Mike S is bringing over an American Football version of Footmania, so the weekend looks great!

Hope you and Jos are gaming soon,

kind regards,

I'm very embarrassed about the misspelling of your names. Spelling is one of my worst skills (rivaling even tennis). I've had another go at them (and probably botched it, again).

We're planning a sort of BillCon West for next weekend (to mirror that august gathering of friends in Baltimore) so we should catch up on all the games then.


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