F.X. Schmid Seeks New Designs

11 March 97

To all game designers and prospective game designers,

I am the new Director of Game Development at F.X. Schmid/USA. F.X. Schmid/USA has been publishing jigsaw puzzles since 1979 and currently has over 700 titles. This year, I am opening up the game division. We will be releasing 10 games in the fall, all taken from the German line. After that, we will be publishing new games, in addition to, or instead of, other games from the German line.

I am currently looking for 2-6 games to be shown at Toy Fair in February, 1998. I am interested in boardgames, card games, action games, 3D games, etc. The target audience can children, families, or adults. If you have one or more games you would like to be considered, here is the correct submission procedure:

1) Send me a letter of introduction. DO NOT SEND THE GAME!!!! Tell me a little bit about yourself, your gaming interests and history, and any published games youÕve designed. Briefly describe the game you would like to submit. If you have more than one game, you can describe them all in one letter. Please note that despite the fact this letter is appearing on rec.games.board, sending me an email message is not a satisfactory substitute for a postal letter, and will not get you a response.

2) After reading your letter, if I am interested in looking at your game, I will send you one or more Disclosure Forms to sign. After you have signed and returned them, I will then ask you to send the game.

3) The submission review procedure will be relatively short. I anticipate making a decision about most submissions within 30 days.

Because I am a game designer myself (with over 20 published games), IÕve been through the usual submission routines many times over the years. I know how frustrating it can be. But I can assure you that your game will be judged on its merits by someone who thoroughly enjoys games. You canÕt sell me. Your game will sell itself if itÕs good enough.

This is an opportunity to submit a game to a major company, regardless of your prior experience or achievements. I doubt this chance will come along very often, if ever, again.

Alan R. Moon
Director of Game Development
F.X. Schmid/USA
11 Industrial Way
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 893-4473
Fax: (603) 893-7643

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