Date: Wed, 05 Feb 97 16:20:08 -0800
From: Paul Evans (
Organization: SFC Press


Further to Mike Garton's note, the Eurogames/Descartes edition of Formule De will be on mounted boards. Six of the seven dice are for the gears -- one for each gear -- to save looking things up on tables all the time. The last die is for damage. Duccio Vitale, head of Eurogames, expects to have three circuits out this spring, one of which will be new (possibly Zandvoort), and to have all the tracks which were published by Ludodelire available from Eurogames by the end of the year. He also expects that Eurogames' larger print runs will mean a 30% cheaper price.

As seen in G3 107 (Dec 96) and to come in 109 (Mar 97).

Paul Evans
SFC Press, London UK - publishers of "Games Games Games" magazine

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

Sorry I missed y'all during the Christmas rush. Next year for sure!


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