Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 09:53:54 +0200
From: Erwin Broens (
Subject: Formule De

Hello Ken,

On the 4th of april 999 Games and Eurogames presented the Dutch version of Formula De, at our national Games show Games Spectacular. Our gaming club Ducosim run a large demo booth, where we demonstrated the game (along with others like Siedler, El Grande and Serenissima).

The new version looks great, with the new dashboards, the speciale dice and the cars with their clever little removable spoilers. The 999 Games version contains the new Zandvoort circuit, with Monaco printed on the reverse side. The mapboard is mounted and just a little bit thinner than the Ludodelire ones. The price of the game hasn't changed a bit (about 80-90 guilders in Holland).

The Zandvoort circuit contains a nice little joke: they printed a tiny circuit for cartraces.

I noticed one problem: the new dashboards use printed pieces of notepaper, that are onely usable in one round races (they probably forgot to include a two rounds version).

Erwin Broens

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